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Electronic Pump Starters (with built in Level Controller)

Combine function of starter, indicators, timer & level controller in single compact unit suitable for Control, Protection of various motors & as well as Automation of various type of pumps according to water level in O/H Tank and/or U/G Tank or deep well.


  • Precise motor protection against ‘Over Load’ with electronic current sensing technology.
  • Additional protection for motor winding against high voltage condition
  • Built-in Level Controller for automatic pump operation based on tank water level.
  • Separate compartment for capacitors allows for easy replacement of capacitor on site.
  • Convenient terminal arrangement for connection & wiring.
  • Heavy duty Solid State Switching unit provides arc free switching
  • Durable ‘soft touch’ electronic push buttons for manual On, Off & Reset operation.


  • Applicable as protection & control device with various type of single phase Motors & Pumps to 3 hp & Three phase Motors & pumps up to 7.5 hp.
  • Protection of equipment Motor against over load as well as over voltage.
  • For O/H and U/G Tank level based Automation of water supply system in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial purpose.
  • Automation of dewatering and drainage pumping system
  • As control system for various Booster Pumps.
  • As auto switch in agriculture with single phase submersible pumps.
  • Preferential automation of multiple pumps in large commercial water supply application.

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Single phase pump starter  
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