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Products of Western Products have been used for wide variety of industrial, commercial & domestic applications. Following are few examples of applications where our products have proved to be most effective, economic & efficient solutions

  • In almost every Industry electrical motors are invariably used to drive machineries & equipments. A breakdown of motor can cause huge productivity losses as well as loss of time & money in maintenance for any industry either a small work shop or process industry.

    It is therefore preferable to prevent a motor failure before it can cause heavy losses.

    Conventional motor starters & relays can prevent such failure of motor to some extent, but can not protect the motor against various other reasons of failures like frequent starting/stopping, current & voltage unbalance, Over Current, Overheating, single phasing, earth leakage.

    As a solution to this most common problem of motor failure Western Products has come up with series of micro processor based Motor Protection Relays having multi-parameter monitoring & smart logic with user customizable parameters. There are various models to select from based on motor capacity as well as based on various additional features like fault annunciation, event register or fault log with retrievable trip status.

    This product not only provide 100% motor protection but also provides very important data about motor power consumption as well as data about trip for analysis of fault.

  • Pumps are also used in large quantity in Industrial, Commercial & Domestic use. In most cases pumps are used to pump water or other liquid with the help of electrical motors coupled.

    There are different types of pumps & motors available. For automation of pumping operation pump control system would require Electrical starter + Level Controller + Timer + Sensors, which in turn increase cost and complexity of the system?

    Western Products has customized products for different type of pumping application including various types of Mono-block, Submersible & Industrial pumps. The range of pump controller products has combined function of precise electronic motor protection, level controller & timer all in one compact package, Not only that at the same time it proves to be very much cost effective too. This makes Western Products pump control system a best choice for pumping application.

  • With increase in energy usage & increase in cost of energy It is becoming more & more important & essential to use energy wisely & efficiently. Control of Energy usage is only possible if it can be monitored or measured accurately. To provide accurate energy measurement & monitoring for various equipments, plants & machineries Western Products has developed microprocessor based energy monitoring & analysis devices which can play vital role in energy efficiency initiatives for sustainable economic growth.

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